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Great value activity for your hen party

The class lasts for an hour and a half and there is the option of having the buff butler model stay for additional time to organise and join in with some hen party games in his apron and bowtie.

Our life models are experience so can give you artistic inspiration?

Are you not sure what to expect? No need to worry as our life model are very charismatic and will get everyone involved and on the right track.

Why not really make it an activity to remember!

You can have a second buff butler to come along and he will be able to assist in the serving of the drinks, but more importantly they will be able to organise cheeky hen party games to keep everyone very entertained.

Make it an evening to remember.

It is a very entertaining activity!

Our life models are also buff butlers so have great banter and an ability to make sure you all have a fantastic time!

Great morning or afternoon hen party activity

Planning on how to keep everyone entertained for a whole weekend can be a difficult task, so this activity is perfect for a spare 2 or 3 hours you have, as there will certainly be an excitement and buzz created by our gorgeous models long after they have left!

Who is the most artistic out of your friends?

Why don’t you let our charismatic life model judge who he thinks is the best portrayal of his privates! Maybe you can have an award for the most realistic and the most abstract.

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