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Great value activity for your hen party

Prices start from an additional £17.50 per person having cocktails for parties of 15 or over. This is in addition to the buff butler cost, so you will get a top class cocktail making butler for the same price of one of our regular fun butlers.

Do you have people not drinking at your hen party?

Just because someone may not be drinking for whatever reason, we don’t want them to not be able to join in with the fun! They can make a tasty non-alcoholic cocktail for no extra charge!

Why not really make it an activity to remember!

You can have a second buff butler to come along and he will be able to assist in the serving of the drinks, but more importantly they will be able to organise cheeky hen party games to keep everyone very entertained.

Make it an evening to remember.

Our guys can come to you!

There are bars that offer cocktail making master classes, but they are a lot more expensive and you won’t get a buff butler taking the master class for you! Our guys can come to any venue, your house, rented holiday cottage, serviced apartment or even a hotel room if it is big enough!

Time for buff butler hen party games

You will have our buff butler for two hours and the cocktail making master class will typically last one and a half hours, so there can be half an hour or more of the allocated time for our butler to play cheeky hen party games and pose for some photos at the end!

Choose your hen’s favourite cocktail

Our guys in their experience know which cocktails are repeatedly the favourites, such as the delicious and refreshing Apple Martini, but if you wish you can tell us the hen’s favourite cocktail within reason and our guys can make sure that is included in the masterclass.

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